Daily Pet Care Visits

text1What do we give you? Peace of Mind. From the time you talk to us on the phone, or send us an email, we make the pet care process smooth and pain free and can answer all of your questions.  And we come to you. Our carers have pet industry experience, they are knowledgeable, observant, follow your instructions, are reference checked and police checked, and have public liability  & Worksafe insurances.  We’ve been in business since 2007. Our experience includes how to respond in an emergency, animal behaviours, and we have a team of carers. We have provided quality care for thousands of pets, and we love what we do.

How does it work? After we talk with you and take thorough details regarding your pet care needs, we email our Petcarers forms to you. These are comprehensive and include your pet’s meal & medication details, their vet information, microchip numbers, an emergency contact if we can’t reach you, your pet’s temperaments and behaviours (we recognise each pet is an individual).

We then email your details to your carer, who will contact you to arrange a time for their instruction visit. This will be a time that is convenient for you both, and yes we visit after work hours and on weekends if that suits you best. This is when you and your pets meet your wonderful carer, your pets will sniff, rub, watch, listen and thoroughly check them out. You can show your carer where all of the pet equipment and foods are kept and discuss any special care needs. Your carer will collect the completed forms and a spare key if required. If they only need access to the backyard and not the house, that’s ok too.

Your carer will text you after their first visit to let you know all’s well, and they will write you a Diary Note each visit. Feedback from our client’s is they love our Diary Notes, and how we capture their pet’s personalities. We have had clients say they arrive home,  put the kettle on and sit down with their pets for a cuddle and a read of the Diary Notes to see what antics they have been up to.

Your carer will leave a Due Home Reminder with their Diary Note asking you to text them and let them know you have arrived home safely. Then we know your home safe, and your pets won’t need any follow up visits.

What if I am delayed getting home? Severe weather, missed flights or just having too much fun? Phone our office to advise if extra visits are required and we will arrange this with your carer.

text3Do you care for rescue animals and former puppy farm dogs and their special needs? Yes, absolutely. We recognise the special care required for animals who have had a rough start to life. Many of us have fostered and adopted these sensitive souls, and we take the time to get to know them. We take a quiet, calm, gentle approach, and ask you lots of questions about their background, any anxiety issues, what they like and dislike,  regarding play, pats, & special behaviours.

My dog is not well behaved on dog walks? What do you recommend? We will offer suggestions and advice at our instruction visit when we meet your dog. This could be a harness instead of a lead, food rewards for good behaviour etc. If we feel your dog would benefit from an expert dog trainer we will recommend one to you. For everyone’s safety including our carers, if the dog/s are a risk to themselves or others in public, we will not walk them, and will give them a good run/play/exercise in your yard instead.

How do I make my payment? We will email your invoice which has a number of payment options on there, including Paypal & Direct Deposit. We ask for a 25% deposit in off peak periods and 50% for peak periods e.g. Christmas. The balance needs to be paid before you head away. Receipts are emailed to you once payment is received in our account.

What happens if my pet becomes ill or injured while I am away? Our first priority will be your pets welfare. If we believe it is a minor issue, e.g. a slight limp we will monitor the condition and put details in your Diary Note. If the illness or injury is serious we will transport your pet to your preferred vet (or the nearest vet in extreme cases) & have them assessed. We will then phone you from the vet so they can discuss treatment options with you. If you are not contactable we will phone your nominated emergency contact for advice. Our paperwork includes the provision for you to nominate an amount the vet can treat your pet for e.g. $200-, $500- etc until we can contact you. This allows for the initial vet assessment, pain relief and basic treatment. We will invoice you for our Pet Taxi transport to the vet.

Can you do shared care with my family/friends? Yes and we are happy to do this. If you have friends/family/neighbours who would love to care for your pets, but aren’t able to all of the time you are away, let us know which dates you would like us to care for them. It might be we do weekdays, they do weekends. They may do the night meals and we do a morning dog walk and brekky and medication. We ask you to forward your carers details to them, and vice versa, should we need to discuss your pet’s care and well- being while you are away.

We regularly send out short surveys asking for client feedback. We have an extremely high positive feedback rate, which we love! We also want to know if we haven’t met your expectations, and if there are other pet care services we could provide for you. Of course you don’t need to wait for the survey. Call the Petcarers owner Sharon on 1300 427 382 for any feedback you would like to provide.


Included in our Pet Care Visits: Pats and play and loves. Putting out meals and fresh water, dog walking, cat play, hutch animal exercise in your secure area, medication administered, kitty litter tidy, hutch and enclosure clean out. Bins put out, Mail brought in, Garden Watered. If you would like your yard poop scooped we can include this for a small fee. Please discuss your task & time requirements at the time of booking.

Tailor your pet care package You may like one visit per day or two.  You may like one visit per day and then twice a week an extra visit to provide extra care and company for your pets. Your pet may require medication twice a day. Love your garden? Summer time you may like to book extra time for garden watering to ensure your garden is still green and luscious when you return from your trip.

Need to travel for work? Sometimes at short notice? For a day, a week, longer?  Let us help you by arranging an instruction visit with your carer before you travel. They can meet your pets, collect the completed paperwork, & spare key, then we are ready to go when you are.